Black Businesses

Mentor Black Businesses is a proactive response to the systemic racism black people face in industry. Triggered by global protests from the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, USA, this programme provides an opportunity to build bridges, invest in communities and develop new relationships.

Over a 6 month period we will endeavour to mentor over 500 Black Business. Wish us luck x

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My name is Akil. Thank you so much for supporting this initiative.

I could never have seen that this would grow into such a beautiful community.

My heart couldn’t be more full.

Now this is so big I’ve partnered with friends from independent businesses to get this done, in particular Alex Migale, Out the Box UK, Dot Film, Mi Creative and Beverley Benjamin.

I will also be using the M&C Saatchi Saturday School infrastructure to further support this group in delivering on this programme.

I have deep gratitude for you all.

We’ll be in contact soon.


Seeds of change by Rankin

Renowned art and fashion photographer Rankin has joined forces with us to release this exclusive digital image and limited edition print, which we are selling with all proceeds going directly towards our mentoring programme.

“I am not only a photographer, but I am also a business man. I’ve been working in industries throughout my career where I have seen first hand the importance of a socially diverse team. I want to see a future where everyone is valued and has the same chances to make their way in the world.

Projects like Mentor 300 Black Businesses, are going to be invaluable in getting us there and I am honoured to be able to support it in any way I can.”

– Rankin, Photographer

Are you a black business?

Black businesses, we love you! We have over 400 mentors for you. Their experience spans industries of music, technology, media, advertising, legal, strategy and more.

We will ensure all our mentors have the expertise and training to give you good advice so you can progress forward. We will also be designing a mentoring programme for you to make sure you develop the essential skills required to run your business. If you would like to access mentorship as an opportunity to grow your business, please signup.

We only have one request: Squeeze this opportunity for all it’s worth, this is for you.

Want to help?

Volunteers, we have a big respect for you. Even if you haven’t mentored before, we are grateful for you and believe your professional work should be your activism.

If you’ve not mentored before don’t worry, we have experts on hand who will coach you through. If you have mentoring experience, we are glad our community will be in good hands. Mentorship is most definitely a ‘feel good’ thing, but it is not just a feel good thing, individuals will be coming to lean on your advice and expertise. We hope you build long lasting fruitful relationships with your mentees.

If you have expertise and energy to give please sign up.


We raised over £10,000 in 24hrs. We increased our goal because our mission is simple – we want to make a collective difference within the black business community. The more volunteers, the more time and energy which is invested in black businesses.

Your donations mean we can do this at the quality required to make the difference. We will use the funds to ensure that for 6 months of the programme:

  • Mentors are coached and trained by learning and development experts
  • Our community is supported throughout with a pair of community managers
  • Mentees have access to the best resources and tools to grow their business.

The more you donate the more capacity we will have to mentor black businesses, if we reach £50,000 we will make this an international programme to mentor 1,000 black businesses over 12 months.

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Raised to date

Brand Partnerships

“No value, No entry”. We will be making a space for brands and organisations to offer products and services to the black business community. If you believe your brand or organisation can support this initiative please get in contact.

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